Green Hills Literary Lantern



Elvis at the Dunkin  Donuts



Coffee at hand I sit alone and begin

To read some Walt Whitman


A bearded dark skinned fellow stops before me

His look seen time and again in all the media


Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Ukraine

He asks What are you reading?


I look up and push away Syria, Iraq, all of them and say

It's Walt Whitman and read aloud


'For every atom belonging to me

As good belongs to you'


He smiles offers a hand to shake and says

I'm Elvis and that's good what you read


I nod and and he takes a seat opposite

He goes on That's true what you read


I hear about his 13 hour workdays and rotten employers

And after 20 minutes or so he heads towards the door


Turns says I stop you from reading and you talk to me

Our atoms are joining






Greg Moglia is a veteran of 27 years as Adjunct Professor of Philosophy of Education at NYU and 37 years as a high school teacher of Physics. His poems have been accepted in over 100 journals in the U.S., Canada, England, India and Sweden. He is six times a winner of an Allan Ginsberg Poetry Award. He lives in Huntington, N.Y.

His work has appeared in Southern Humanities Review, Rattle, Portland Review, Bellowing Ark, Xavier Review, Paterson Literary Review, Tribeca Poetry Review, Tampa Review, William and Mary Review and the South Carolina Review.