Green Hills Literary Lantern



I Am a Tripod



A sneeze in the carrot is worth two in the patch.

I am sick with self-loathing.

I can’t seem to do anything right after

A history of accomplishment,

A dire draw full of diplomas and the swan song

Of a career’s wings.

So I come to this:

A patina of failure on a jewel of shortness-


I lean on your infanticide to understand

Modern women and their right to choose

Their children’s death.

I am walking with a cane.

I can’t tell if I have three feet or I am aided

By the spiritual revelation of wood.

I am a tripod.

I have three opinions on all your deregulations.



David Lawrence has published over six hundred poems. His latest book, Lane Changes, came out in November 2007 from Four Way Books. His documentary, "Boxer Rebellion," about his boxing career, played at Sundance Film Festival. Just before launch, David wrote: "my new memoir, The King of White Collar Boxing, has just been published by Rain Mountain Press and is available on Amazon.  It covers my turning pro in later life and ending up in jail for tax evasion."