Green Hills Literary Lantern






The camellias are selling it;

each lusty bloom—

a gorgeous heart

throbbing—love, oh love


think of it:


wrapped in quiet

moonlight—I trace

your greying sideburns,

the crow's feet stamped

across your face—and listen

to our old, sold hearts



Well, what, so what

that flowers fade, drop

one by one, some-

times in pairs,

to the garden below.


This is love, they yell

falling, love


think of it:


all those open hearts

on open hearts—heaps

and heaps of them—

eventually raked, shoveled

into bruised, soggy piles


and look at us

all the while

vaguely aware

something lovely

can still grow from it.



After earning an MFA in English and Creative Writing from Mills College, Heather Angier's poetry has appeared in ZYZZYVA, The Dirty Napkin, The Sow's Ear, So to Speak, Cider Press Review, Literary Mama, Caduceus, Pirene's Fountain, Enizagam, Switchback and Miniature Magazine.  Her chapbook, Crooked, was recently published by Dancing Girl Press.  She lives in Oakland, California.