Green Hills Literary Lantern



I see the tumbleweed wheel ‘cross the plains of my brains,

I hear the keening wind like the sound of distant female bereavement

thin relentless tick followed by the anticipated fat tock,

the static-y probings of insects under ground, or perhaps

clustered round the follicles of my own eyelashes, hard to tell.


I am so attuned to the universe the cosmic background radiation gets me singing old Ace of Bass hits.


The gurgling of nearby people’s peristalsis keeps me off public transportation.


I will remain in this hyper-alert state, sleepless, unblinking till my family finally gets the 30-day commit order signed by some fascist backwoods judge, or I get an email from you.


No pressure.





Edward Rogers teaches literature, creative writing and rhetoric at Truman State University. His work has appeared in GHLL twice before, and in many other venues. His book, Explaining Satan, (2009) is not a best seller.