Green Hills Literary Lantern



Be Mine said the heart

clutched by the vile pink frog

that you hid under a recycling bin

so I wouldn't spot it

until Valentine's Day.


But I was yours

from the day you were born,

when, unable to sleep,

I stared out the hospital window,

and all I wanted was you.

I was yours when I carried you

in the starry blue sling

that I can't give away

because it held you.

I was yours when I read to you

before you could speak,

when I signed my love

with my fingers.


Be Mine said the heart

on this round pink atrocity,

this surprisingly soft

round pink atrocity,

this soft rounded thing

in which I no longer see

a vile pinkness;

I only see you.


Mary Soon Lee was born and raised in London, but became a naturalized US citizen in 2003.  Her poetry has appeared in American Scholar, Atlanta Review, Chariton Review, Main Street Rag, and Rosebud.