Green Hills Literary Lantern



Soul Phone  



At the outdoor restaurant I watch people pass by,

check their cells, their heads bowed in phone prayer

clicking to see if God has left them a message.


On my phone I googled the word soul

and got a wiki snippet that said,

“In spiritual traditions it is the incorporeal essence

of a person, living thing or object.”


Phones have souls because of man’s devotion

to the sound of their bells,

the tweeted meaning of their messages,

their peeping photos,

and appended apps.


Last night I dreamt I was a devotee

of the divine phone deities;

a hierarchy of seven underling gods

who are techies for the real God.

I dialed them nine nines

hoping for something prophetic

to be texted back to me, but there was no response.


When I woke that morning

I threw my phone in the East river

and watched the sun riffle the water

like a rhinestone salsa dancer.


My life is quieter now without my phone  but I am content,

not yet ready for the last call.




Christine Graf is a commercial and fine artist. She has just completed Shopping for Love Online, a manuscript of poems about internet dating. Publications include The Aurorean, Xanadu, Main Street Rag, Common Ground, Bryant Literary Review, Christian Science Monitor, Georgetown Review, Timber Creek Review, Pinyon Literary Journal, The Mentor’s Bouquet, Pegasus, Chaffin Journal, MOBIUS, Deronda, Red Rock Review, Rockford Review, and Theodate Online Journal.