Green Hills Literary Lantern
Dark Horse

©2013 by Martha Freuhauf

The Green Hills Literary Lantern, Volume 24, Copyright ©2013 by Truman State University

GHLL XXIV (2013)









Adam Brooke Davis Preface to Volume XXIV


David Thompson No More Pain


Lawrence Farrar The Prisoner from Peru
Gary Fincke The Liar's Card
Iromie Weeramantry Arabesque
Karl Harshbarger Johnson's Camp
Scott Gordon Bad Thoughts
Catherine Bell Gull
Okechukwu Otukwu Redemption


Manny Blacksher Cumin
Barry North Role Model
Marianne Woeste Stealing Home
B.Z. Niditch On Cambridge Common
Maryfrances Wagner


Aunt Mary Wonders about Guests in the Hall At the Nursing Home

After the Winter Storm


Fred Yannantuono Tweety
Larry Thomas The Mexican Bench
Jesse Minkert


If Rhinoceros Were Chocolate



Kasey Perkins Every Poet Has a Cigarette Poem
Judith Rypma Blue Roses
Kathleen M. Kelley Garden of Shadows
James B. Nicola I have a yellow umbrella
Elaine Moynahan If
Kathleen Lentz Giving Birth in my Dream
Mimi Moriarity Diner
Carol Hamilton First Things
Drew A. Carmichael The Modern Poet
Betsy Martin A Shadow on the Floor
Mark Belair The Farmhouse
Joanne Lowery The Seamstress
Laurie Patton Window


Cathy Porter


Bronze Fields

A Drive-By

Peggy Garrison A Rare Swoop
Rochelle Jewell Shapiro The Kitchen Table
Patty Dickson Pieczka Violin Forest
Lee Slonimsky  


Spider in Winter


Mary Soon Lee Problems (again)


David Salner A Dirty Job
D.J. Lee Luminosity
Ernest Quatrani Seat 9
John Talbird Delivering Content
Mark Spitzer First-World Problems in Third-World Countries:Trolling for the Tropical Gar
Stefanie Levine Cohen Surrender
Mary Koral Red Rose Tea
Shiv Dutta Epilogue
Keetje Kuipers Secrets and Lies
Judith Ford Voyeur


Shawn Bodden

Logician of the Wind, by Lee Slonimsky

Joe Benevento  

Charles Rammelkamp, Fusen Bakudan: Poems of Altruism and Tragedy in Wartime

David Lawrence,  The King of White Collar Boxing, A Memoir