Green Hills Literary Lantern

The Mexican Bench

(for Lisa)


We sat together

this morning

on the Mexican bench

you painted a while back

with Frida Kahlo blue,


loud chartreuse,

Aztec sun yellow,

the red of arterial blood,

and lavender.

We commented


on the brilliance

of the colors

brought out by the early,

June light; how the shadows

the bench cast


were as marvelously dark

as the colors were bright.

We thought about

our imminent

twenty-fourth anniversary;


about all the love between us 

magical as that bench

in the early June light,

casting black shadows,

letting its colors work.





Larry D. Thomas, a member of the Texas Institute of Letters, was privileged to serve as the 2008 Texas Poet Laureate.  He has published twenty collections of poems, the most recent of which is Uncle Ernest (Virtual Artists Collective, Chicago, 2013).  His Larry D. Thomas: New and Selected Poems (TCU Press, 2008) was short-listed for the National Book Award.