Green Hills Literary Lantern

Bronze Fields



Silent breeze

The kind felt

Under a quiet moon

The fields release

A raw energy


When you fell into

The wrong events

I waited for you

To wake and return –

Long nights by the

Window, searching

For clues


And driftwood

Has found our river –

A slip in the rain

A wish held

In callused hands


Bronze fields

Thirsty for saturation

Hungry for



A Drive-By


I drove by your house

to see if your car

was still there

and when it was

for a brief second

I felt like old times

maybe you’re still alive

even if we aren’t


then I circled the block

two more times

just to make sure

it was your car

I hope you didn’t see me


your two year silence

is my answer to

do you think of me


I drove home

the radio providing

back-up vocals

to your solo

in my head


my car

in front of my house


from yours



Cathy Porter's poetry has appeared in Plainsongs, Pegasus, Art:Mag, and other journals. Her chapbook A Life In The Day is available from Finishing Line Press. She lives and works in Omaha, NE.