Green Hills Literary Lantern

Violin Forest



Centuries of fiddles

have grown from these hills.

Spruce, willow and rosewood

root through the mountain,

scrolling through soil

beneath an orchestra of trees.


Dark rivulets trill

the last crystals of melting winter.

Vapor ghosts this shaded path,

swirling into hollowed stumps

whose trunks have been rifted

and splayed, sliced into billets.


Their spirits resurrect at dusk,

spilling a sigh of music

through sprouted leaves

as pollen rosins the wind

to draw its bow across branches.


Melodies rise to prism the sky,

splash down laughing streams

as porches sag to a rhythm

of tapping feet. A hand dances

the fingerboard of a fiddle

on this evening vined in moonflowers.




The author of the book Lacing Through Time (Bellowing Ark Press, 2011), and a chapbook, Word Paintings, (Snark Publishing, 2002), Patty Dickson Pieczka was the 2010 recipient of the Frances Locke Memorial Poetry Award and was nominated for an Illinois Arts Council Award.  She graduated from the Creative Writing Program at Southern Illinois University.  Writing contributions have appeared in many journals, including Bluestem, The Bitter Oleander, Blue Unicorn, Crab Orchard Review, Red Rock Review, California Quarterly, Willow Review, and The Cape Rock. Her second book, Painting the Egret's Echo, won the 2013 Library of Poetry Book Award from Bitter Oleander Press and will be published in August of this year.