Green Hills Literary Lantern




it breaks the given of your week 

like the sway and thud of red-tasseled elephants

clouding the Main Street dust


or slips iridescence

into the long day the way

the fire of a rainbow trout shivers the river,


if it lights an hour with the flash

of a pine moth's cellophane wing

caught in the pale throw of an old porch light


or thrills one moment

with that last trembling note

of the warbler's song,


if it infuses one second

with the hypnotic, erotic

flicker of a flame



like the lonely  night,

lay down your darkness for love of the light.





Elaine Moynahan  is an American poet emerging at the age of 74.  She graduated from Trinity College in D.C. in 1959, married and is the mother of nine children.  Upon retirement, she began writing and in addition to winning the Hoosac River Poetry Contest, she has poems published or forthcoming in Spindrift, The North Adams Transcript , Off the Coast, GHLL, Rise Forms, Avocet, Storm Cellar and Wilderness House Literary Review, Boston Literary Magazine, Written River and Time of Singing.