Green Hills Literary Lantern




Low stools, stained counter

waitresses with frilled aprons

red lips, blue hair, white teeth


the delivery truck curbside

spoons soaking in the scullery

a fly buzzing an empty plate


a customer patient with his cup

rippled chips on a yellow dish

the light illuminating the dust


as if an artist had used a horsehair brush

a masterpiece of Americana

on a Saturday afternoon.


There must be a boundary

between art and everyday

but I cannot distinguish it


the landscape translucent with life

each body in this diner

ruined or at risk


somehow sustaining itself

with egg salad on whole wheat

and strawberry pie.


Mimi Moriarty is the poetry editor for The Spotlight, a local weekly newspaper in the Hudson Valley of New York State. She has two chapbooks published by Finishing Line Press: War Psalm, which came out in 2007, and Sibling Reverie, co-authored with her brother, Frank Desiderio, published in the spring of 2012.  A third chapbook, Crows Calling, will be published by Foothills Press in 2013.