Green Hills Literary Lantern

Problems (again)



Yes, I've had problems

(with my poetry).

At first my difficulties

were (you might say) thematic,

recurring mentions of housework,

children (usually my children),

and then came the business

with the commas

(their hideous proliferation),

and now this (last?) difficulty

that I am unable (unwilling?)

to deal with -- oh, I've tried,

have managed (on occasion)

to write two (maybe three) poems

without resorting to parenthetical asides,

their gentle curvaceous diffidence

so reassuring to me (so irresistible!),

quite a different matter

from those straitlaced devils

the square brackets: [ ],

but I know I must stop

or (failing that) must at least learn

(if I am not too old to learn (and how old would that be?))

how to punctuate them correctly).)(



Mary Soon Lee, born in London, is a writer of speculative fiction.  After taking degrees in mathematics and computer science at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, she worked as a computer consultant and moved to the US. Since 1992 she has had over eighty stories published, including appearances in The Year's Best SF #4 and #5, edited by David Hartwell; her story "Cause and Consequence" (Interzone #136, October 1998) won first place in the Best of Soft SF Contest. She published a science fiction collection, Ebb Tides and Other Tales, and a fantasy collection, Winter Shadows and Other Tales. In 2000, she began writing poetry, and credits include American Scholar, Atlanta Review, Iodine Poetry Journal, Main Street Rag, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.