Green Hills Literary Lantern



Scene at Snoqualmie Falls



On this gray afternoon

spray from the waterfall

reaches the tourist gazebo

and coats faces with spring

sweat.  It gets into our hair

and beads at the brow.

An arguing couple snap

photos.  He’s maybe twenty,

she’s younger.  They go

on arguing at the edges

of the wet concrete crescent.

They do not notice me,

my wife, or our daughter.

Or they don’t care.

The air seems bent

as if the wind’s been dunked.

The waterfall drowns

every third word, leaving

mainly curses, though I catch

“divorce.”  We despair

the view is sunk.  The falling

water is loud and douses

whoever stands too close.



James Valvis is the author of How to Say Good bye (Aortic Books, 2011). His writing can be found in Arts & Letters, GHLL, LA Review, Rattle, River Styx, and is forthcoming in Anderbo, Hanging Loose, Midwest Quarterly, New York Quarterly, Poetry East, and others. His poetry has been featured at Verse Daily and the Best American Poetry blog. His fiction has twice been a storySouth Million Writers Notable Story. He lives near Seattle.