Green Hills Literary Lantern



The Light



of the high desert

draws artists by the dozens,

light so bright


the old-timers see through slits

thin as those a cook makes

stabbing an Idaho


prior to baking.

Each sunrise, they don

their wide-brimmed hats


and step outside,

each a tiny imperfection

mirrored in the facets


of a giant,

brilliant diamond.

They take their cataracts


for granted, and flaunt the scabs

of burned off skin cancers,

wearing them like badges.



Larry D. Thomas, a member of the Texas Institute of Letters, was the 2008 Texas Poet Laureate.  He has published eighteen collections of poems, most recently A Murder of Crows (Virtual Artists Collective 2011).  His New and Selected Poems was long-listed for the National Book Award.