Green Hills Literary Lantern



In Your Birdcage



If I go walking in Central Park I will pull down the shades

Of the sky,      

Cover my nonchalance in blue,

Apologize to the squirrels for stealing their acorns.

Oh one big happy skip and a jump.

I am highly happy.

I am up and away in my mysterious balloon.

I am somersaulting through the grass

In deep,

In an erstwhile relationship with my wayward heart and

The woman I have loved like salt over my shoulder,


I will not fly,

I will be married in your birdcage forever with one foot

On the food pellets and night on its way, falling

Like the contents in the spaces of a Magritte painting.






You Fill Up My Senses


I have been warped by the weather and cut to the wave.

I drown in your eyelids like lashes

In a cup.

I have come back from the dead to say I should have

Appreciated your respirator.

I keep you alive through sickness and in health

Like you blow me up.

A balloon,

A stint.

You fill up my senses like John Denver said.

I would die in his baby plane if you would just be my baby,

My darling,

A lot of kumquats.

Give us a dear.

Be on the other side of near returning.

I am as simple as the last storm that missed Florida.

We are accoutrements when there is nothing left to add

To the conversation.





David Lawrence has published over six hundred poems. His latest book, Lane Changes, came out in November 2007 from Four Way Books. His documentary, "Boxer Rebellion," about his boxing career, played at Sundance Film Festival. Just before launch, David wrote: "my new memoir, The King of White Collar Boxing, has just been published by Rain Mountain Press and is available on Amazon.  It covers my turning pro in later life and ending up in jail for tax evasion."