Green Hills Literary Lantern





Here is a snapshot of me.

I am in Paris, a tourist,

standing next to the Venus de Milo,


and my eyes are half-closed.

She is brilliant in her stillness,

silhouetted by dust motes

swirling in the air like the sweep

of how her arms might have once

lifted toward the sky.

With her hips swayed to one side

and bare-breasted the way I am

only in bad dreams,

she looks happy,

as I was in a way

to have this picture taken

to show to a man

who won't admit

his eyesight's going bad

(for which I'm a little glad).

He thinks I'm beautiful standing there,

one of my dubious arms

a ghosty blur,

while Venus above me,

a pillar of white grace, gestures

without the trappings

of tender flesh and bone, tilting

her precious head just so.



Suzannah Gilman graduated from Rollins College and is a licensed attorney.  Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Florida Review, Calyx Journal, Pearl, Family Matters: Poems of our Families, The Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, and The Rollins Book of Verse 1885-2010.  She lives in Winter Park, Florida.