Green Hills Literary Lantern



Red Fox


It is not enough to say your name.


Coat of fire,


Master Pouncer,



It is not enough to say your name.


I need to see you.


You were too threadbare,

too hungry

in that buzzing Cape Cod town--

the tourists just wanted to gape.


You were too sure,

too fleeting

in that open field at the park--

you misted into the pines

before I could get close.


It is not enough to say your name.


I want to see you again.




Lisa Alexander Baron is the author of  Reading the Alphabet of  Trees (Finishing  Line, 2007).  Her poems have appeared  in  Paterson Literary Review, The Fourth River, Steam Ticket, Potomac Review Philadelphia Poets, Mad Poets Review, and others. Sting & Tell, a book of  tanka, was released by Black Cat Press in 2011. Now  retired from teaching journalism and high school English outside of Philadelphia, she is earning her MFA in Poetry at Vermont College of Fine Arts.