Green Hills Literary Lantern


Cover photo: “Jesus Saves”

The Green Hills Literary Lantern, Volume 23, Copyright ©2012 by Truman State University


Adam Brooke Davis Preface to Volume XXIII


Donna Baier Stein Trouble at the Dance Hall
Abbigail N. Rosewood Maybe
Karl Harshbarger The Rifle
Aurelia Wills Swag
David Lombardi Stardate
Cindy Matthews Double XL
Jane Downs We Let Our Thoughts Float Up Out of Us
Deborah Clearman The Flor
Laura Gabel-Hartman Protecting Gwennie
Corie Sutton Adjmi Sunny Side Up
Olaf Kroneman The Thirty-Day Rule
Iromie Weeramantry Homecoming
Gwen Mullins The Romantic Life of Babette Jenkins
Irene O'Garden Off the Grid
Dennis Vannatta The Good News


Mary Echlin Voice Lesson
Claudia Putnam Black Bird
Erik Bendix Morning Sun Bath
Cathy Porter Soldiers
Fred Yannantuono Coriolis Effect

To An Unknown Lover

Joey Nicoletti Earthquake Weather
Sudie Nostrand (untitled)
David Lawrence In Your Birdcage

You Fill Up My Senses

Faye Boyce Dahlia pinnata

Ode on a Sunflower Seed

Larry D. Thomas The Light
Perie Longo Two Paths
Lisa Alexander Baron Red Fox
Mark Belair The TV Stand
Daryl Farmer Reunion
Robert King Walker
Michelle Turner The End of Winter
Suzannah Gilman Goddess
Helen Wickes After Confluence

Summer Heat

Barry W. North Sins of Omission
Vivian Eyre Arrangements
Peggy Garrison Fred
Patty Dickson Pieczka Garage Sale

After the Flood

A. Anupama Twining of a Creeper
Charles Rammelkamp The Bed
David Thornbrugh Levon Helm
Amy Eisner Pickup Time

Before Thanksgiving

James Valvis Scene at Snoqualmie Falls
Catherine Parilla Love's Release

Death's Touch

B.Z. Niditch Melancholy
Brady Rhoades Meditation

The Last Elephant in the Parade

Murray Silverstein Self Portrait


Kayti Doolittle Made in Thailand
Francine Marie Tolf Krimm's Triptych
Terry Wood Typhoon
Dee Redfearn Portrait of a Don


Shawn Bodden Matthew Brennan: The Light of Common Day
Joe Benevento Cathy Porter: A Life In The Day
Mark Belair: Walk With Me
Francine M. Tolf: Prodigal