Green Hills Literary Lantern

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"Eads Bridge"
©Thomas Hegeman, 2011:

The Green Hills Literary Lantern, Volume 22, Copyright ©2011 by Truman State University

GHLL XXII (2011)




Adam Brooke Davis Preface to Volume XXII


Gary Fincke The Butcher Hope
Mick Ransford Hammer Horror Revisited
Kate Krauthammer Cloudberries
Dustin Martin Sweetheart
Grant Flint Grandma's Golden Roses
Eileen Bordy Pas de Deux
Karl Harshbarger The Circle
Trenee Seward Bleach Everything
Okechukwu Otukwu The Cousin From Abroad




Gail Rudd Entrekin Deciding
Li C. Tien Long Night
Christy Ferrato On the Road to Julius' Sheep Camp
Grace Marie Grafton Orb


Carolina Morales Black Moons
Edward Adams We Have a Discussion
Derek Otsuji Evening Visit
Mark Belair The Mask
David Lawrence Don't Give It Up

Something Near a Station

At Montauk's Tip

Kristina Bicher I Will Offer Roses
Jean Howard Last Light
Meredith Davies Hadaway The Book of Omens
Joanne Lowery The Only Thing Left I Know
M. Nasorri Pavone Sweets
Charles Cantrell X Equals the Unknown
Philip Schaefer Kitchenette
Cathy Porter Dancers
Fred Yannantuono Real Estate
Frederick Zydek Rumors of Your Death






Starr Goode Falstaff and the Art of Living
David Salner The City Kid (memoir)







Shawn Bodden Keetje Kuipers' Beautiful in the Mouth
Kasey Perkins Joanna Lowery's Scything
Andrew Kindiger Sudie Nostrand's Variations
Jack Smith Barry Kitterman's From the San Joaquin
Joe Benevento Rebecca Foust's All That Gorgeous, Pitiless Song;  Larry D. Thomas' The Skin of Light and Francine Tolf's Rain, Lilies, Luck;