Green Hills Literary Lantern




Real Estate


When Jo died you sidled up to me as they

Were clacking the thuribles past the corners

Of the casket, and tried to sell me real estate.

That was as surreal as it gets.


Then George died and the church overflowed

And you got good and drunk and merged

With the crowd at the edge of the parking lot

As if thinking of slinking away.


Driving to your wake I see I’m tempted, now that

You’re headed into real estate big time and for

The long haul, to ask what made you tick.

They would feed me filler on your

Precious depth, and you’re in it.




Fired from Hallmark for writing meaningful greeting-card verse, Fred Yannantuono once ran twenty straight balls at pool; won a yodeling contest in a German restaurant; and was bitten by a guard dog in a tattoo parlor. His book, A Boilermaker for the Lady ( has been banned in France, Latvia, and the Orkney Isles. Work was nominated for Pushcart prize in 2006. His book, To Idi Amin I’m a Idiot – and Other Palindromes, is due out later this year.