Green Hills Literary Lantern



Evening Visit



A burning white bulb clouded with small moths

lighted the empty porch and empty chair.

We were expected. Halfway up the path

carved with feet through the cricket-seeded grass

leading to the solitary farmhouse,

we met our grandpa, come down from the fields,

pushing a battered wheelbarrow that creaked

with ball and socket of his failing hip.


He said no word because he’d none to say,

but, reaching down in that battered wheelbarrow,

pulled up a leafy turnip, round, smooth, white

—a plum, like stone, grown in the moon’s cold light.

It would be tossed into the pot of stew

Grandma would soon be simmering on the stove.






Derek N. Otsuji teaches English at Honolulu Community College and works at Otsuji Farm, a family-run farmer’s market, on the weekends. His work is forthcoming in Kaimana: Literary Arts Hawaii, The MacGuffin, and The Midwest Quarterly;