Green Hills Literary Lantern



Don't Give It Up



The reluctance of your smile falls on the plate

Like dentures in a glass

In jail,

The old lady readies herself for sleep,

The snore,

The peaceful rush after a life of crime.

Don’t give it up.

Bite your lip.

There is no need to be friends with the remains

Of a laconic handshake.

It takes courage to be a female felon.

The mental ward is not for intellectual giants.

The winter falls into the stump of a tree and cold

Is an affirmation of your rejection of his face.

You are a bride to the matrimonial bliss

Of your garlanded ceremony of introspection.

After the psychotropic drugs there is no trouble.

You return to your serene indifference

Like a turtle in a pond or a crown on a queen.




Something Near a Station  


In the end the nomenclature falls from a reluctant tongue

And the words can’t speak for themselves

Or find the meaning in the acorn shell.

Promises are stark as the winter trees and branches

Won’t tell the mythic parables of the snow’s tale.

So I stop in a puddle of ice,

Turn my boots inside out

And ask my toes what it feels like to freeze.

The squirrels eat my tracks with forks and spoons

And there is a certain delicacy to nature that defies

The gourmand at the train station snack stand.

I am staying home.

I am afraid of long distance trains to evaporated stops.




At Montauk's tip




The sunset falls down on our shoulders like a cape.

Count Dracula wears red.

The moon is Little Red Riding Hood

Running from the night’s teeth.

Oh, it is a horrible horror show.

The kind that makes your teeth chatter

In the cool night breeze

Off the Atlantic Ocean.

I am afraid of spooks.

I am spooky.

I am the ghost of Halloween at a party

In the wrong neighborhood.

I am mugged by local customs.

We wade into the water like two canoes.

I hear the drumbeats.

Or is it my pulse when we hold hands above

The water?




David Lawrence has published over six hundred poems. His latest book, Lane Changes, came out in November 2007 from Four Way Books. His documentary, "Boxer Rebellion," about his boxing career, played at Sundance Film Festival.