Green Hills Literary Lantern

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"The Comfy Chair"
©Coleman Rogers, 2010:

The Green Hills Literary Lantern, Volume 21, Copyright ©2010 by Truman State University

Green Hills Literary Lantern XXI (2010)




Adam Brooke Davis Preface to Volume XVII


Andrew Coburn Preacher's Passion
Malcolm Dixon More's Utopia
W.K. Dolphin Elvira Madigan
Robert Earle The Ashtray
FeLicia A. Elam Moonshine Daiquiris
Lawrence Farrar In the Bar Atomic
Karl Harshbarger Falling
Karen Kates In the Cards
Liz Trager Mendel White Lies
Donald J. Modica Willowick
Mark Mustian Church
Michael Onofrey Smile
Ed Rogers Deconstructing With Mom
Grant Tracey Five Bullets
Catherine Uroff Giving It Away
Dennis Vannatta Endless Song




Alexander Balough We Don't Often Think
Lisa Alexander Baron After Snowfall
Mark Belair Three Poems
Weston Cutter Wonder
Holly Day Three Poems

Stephanie Coyne DeGhett

Postcard Sonnet: Poker Night
Rebecca Foust Origin
Grace Marie Grafton Winter Landscape
Carol Hamilton From the Manual for Tightrope Walkers
Adam Houle My Uncle Drank but Did the Best He Could
Brad Johnson


David Lawrence Three Poems
Tim Leach God's Dog
Lyn Lifshin Missing the Longing More Than the Longed-For
Joey Nicoletti Flash-a-Roni
Barry W. North The Night Before My Heart Surgery
Simon Perchik *
Cathy Porter Virginia Avenue
Philip Schaefer Cave Hymnal
Sarah A. Schavez When the Woodward Park Attendant Offered You the Handicap Rate
Paul Sohar

A Night Outside My Head

Larry D. Thomas Taos
David Thornbrugh After the Wars
James Valvis Halo of Smoke
Lisa Verigin Ghost Hunting in the Alexandria Hotel
Grace Wegener April 1st
Steve West Sidekick
Fred Yannantuono Lines Written at the Moon Gate






David Salner A Short Stay in the Valley of the Sun







Shawn Bodden The Hunted River by Robert S. King
Emi Griess Give Over the Heckler and Everyone Gets Hurt by Jason Tandon