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Some heroes can spin webs any size,

others are faster than a speeding bullet,

and some are even faster than that. Take Mercury,

the original king of speed, a Roman

variation of Hermes, complete with a winged helmet,

just like Jay Garrick, the original Flash,

who could “outrun God,”

as my Uncle Angelo explained

when he gave me an armful of comic books

as a Christmas gift. You’ll like him, Joefish.

He no have a cape.

The Chianti my mother served was gasoline

for the engine of Uncle Angelo’s thought process,

so his verbal road trip continued.

He spoke about how everything’s a revision—

the characters we read about and love,

the pasta we ate for dinner, brought to Italia

from China by Marco Polo, having come a long way

in a relatively short period of time,

like our family from Naples and Sicily

to Brooklyn and Queens, where we filled our bellies with food,

our minds with images and words, and soaked our feet

in dented pots, filled with hot water.



Joey Nicoletti's poems and interviews have appeared or are forthcoming in various literary journals, including The Missouri Review, Italian Americana, Tulane Review, Stymie Magazine, and Valparaiso Poetry Review. "Flash-a-Roni" comes from his manuscript Cannoli Gangster, which was a finalist for the 2009 Steel Toe Books Poetry Prize. He currently teaches poetry writing and literature at Niagara University.