Green Hills Literary Lantern





After Snowfall


To find something new

in all this uncompromising white

some mild fire

some zesty chant



And how it leaves

its burden of white

like dead weight

on everything it touches

even the dark taut

whip of a telephone line

is not immune



The snow slaps the

face of stone

so hard the scene

begins to evaporate

the gray pallor of the mountain

drained and resurrected

white as an easel

a calligraphy brush

poised to feed it

the fullness of ink




Lisa Alexander Baron's latest chapbook is Reading The Alphabet of Trees (Finishing Line Press, 2007).  Her poems have appeared in Green Hills Literary Lantern, Paterson Literary Review, LIPS, The Comstock Review, Potomac Review, Philadelphia Poets, and others.  She is a retired lawyer and soon-to-retire high school English teacher.  She lives in the Philadelphia area with her husband, poet Bill Van Buskirk, and is otherwise ruled by her daughter, son, and fox terrier, Kazoo.