Green Hills Literary Lantern





We Don’t Often Think



of cemeteries changing hands

Under new management

Grass unmanicured

Broadleaf weeds puncturing the rye

Crypts crumbling along with

the mothers fathers brothers lovers they contain

A business pushing pre-need plots on grieving kin

Upselling with today-only discounts

before the dirt and estates have settled

Do the dead unquietly slumber here

amidst this decay and money changing?

Do decomposing spouses lament

that their freshly interred loved ones must

settle in such unforeseen squalor?

Does the dearly departed wife

silently curse the husband

again by her side — now for eternity

Living frugally in life

she had hoped for better in death


And what of these mourners

amidst this decay?

Lamenting not death and loss

but silently plotting their own cremations

& ash scatterings





Alexander Balogh’s poems have recently appeared in Mid Rivers Review and Literal Chaos and he has read with David Meltzer & Michael Rothenberg’s Rockpile when they appeared in St. Louis. He teaches at Lindenwood University where he edits the journal Untamed Ink.