Green Hills Literary Lantern
cover illustration: "Verdun"

Horst Kloever combines his experience in discovering visual ideas in many fields of photography with journalistic instinct and appreciation of art. He works  as a traveling photographer and co-operates in activities of cultural institutions and companies as a curator and researcher, based in Berlin, Germany. (English and German language blog)

The Green Hills Literary Lantern, Volume 20, Copyright ©2009 by Truman State University

GHLL XX (2009)









Joe Benevento In Memoriam, Jim Thomas (1930-2009)



Special feature



Jim Thomas Four Poems





Jennifer Case Piecing
Timothy L. Marsh Discovery Channel
Emily Wiser The New Year
Francine Tolf My Dad, Finally





Mark Belair Two Poems
Kevin Clark The Night Seems
Pat Daneman A Birthday
Theresa Darling Pretending Sleep
Jean Esteve Never Let Them Say I Wasn't There
Maureen Tolman Flannery Two Poems
Joanne Lowery Hearing Things in October
Philip Miller In the Blue Evening
Julie L. Moore Window
Joey Nicoletti I Wait Out a Downpour on I-25 While Listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Who'll Stop the Rain"
Will Nixon

Why I ♥ Zombies

Louis Phillips The Edge
Patty Dickson Pieczka Still Life
Cathy Porter Chipped Beyond Repair
Doug Ramspeck Swamp Aubade
Lee Rossi Church Key
Marina Rubin The Barber
Philip Schaefer To the Dust
Sofia M. Starnes Outlasting
Anne Tibbitts Circus
Jason M. Vaughn

Season of the Immortals

Fredrick Zydek Fishing with my Father





Joan Corey Barton Arc
Gary Fincke Going to Hell in Pieces
Nels Hanson Harvest Party
Karl Harshbarger Firecrackers
Geoffrey J. Huck Notification
Blair Hurley Bardo
Jenney Izzo Holding On
Jacqueline Keren Gasworks Park
Lisa Ko The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers
Nathan Leslie Gatekeeping
Jessica Levine My Other Guitarist
Krishna Mishra The Kind Face of Shiva
Laura Reeder You Will Live in a Country House
Margaret Ries For Sale
Kathleen Wheaton The Remedy





Joe Benevento Joanne Lowery's Jack -- A Beanstalk Life and Sofia Starnes' Corpus Homini: A Poem for Single Flesh
Adam Brooke Davis Robert Garner McBrearty, Episode

Midge Raymond, Forgetting English