Green Hills Literary Lantern

Still Life


If I could still
a drop of time,
it would be that instant
just before dawn,
silhouettes of leaves
etched on the curtains,

the sheets warm,
breathing slow,
a peaceful rise and fall,
draw and release,
the vapor of a dream
still steaming the room,

that drowsy ease
before memory stirs
like wings
through my mind,
like black crows
circling in a wreath.


I want to retrieve
that moment,
the sun sleeping
below the horizon,

A crow caught
in the rooster’s throat.


Patty Dickson Pieczka’s chapbook Word Paintings was published by Snark Publishing.  She has written book reviews for Crab Orchard Review, and her poetry has appeared in journals such as Bitter Oleander, The Cape Rock, Karamu, Talking River Review, and Willow Review.