Green Hills Literary Lantern

In the Blue Evening

Someone is calling a name,
over and over
in the blue evening
that I walk into
for a last glance
at the day.

A woman’s voice
pronounces a name
I can’t quite make out
in the blue twilight,
again and again
until I hear my own name
in the rise and fall of syllables,
and I hear my mother’s voice,
young again in the high,
half-urgent call
as the evening blends
with a hundred blue evenings,
and swallows stream from chimneys.

And the voice still rings
in my ears like the afterimage
of the last red wrinkle
of sunset falling,
and I’m still running
down darkening streets
toward a long lost house,
windows yellow with lamplight,
and inside, the sizzle
of something cooking.


Philip Miller, a past contributor to GHLL, has or will have poetry appearing in a variety of journals, including Big City Lit, Gargoyle, Seam (UK) , The Cape Rock,  Poetry Wales, and Speed Poets (Australia).  His sixth book of poems, The Casablanca Fan, is due in 2008 from UD Press. He lives in Mount Union, PA where he edits The Same.