Green Hills Literary Lantern
cover illustration: "Her Landscape"

©2008 by Nicole Wong

Nicole Wong is a freelance illustrator. She graduated with a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design.

The Green Hills Literary Lantern, Volume 19, Copyright ©2008 by Truman State University

GHLL XIX (2008)









Adam Brooke Davis Preface to Volume XIX






Peter Schwartz Black Totem: Four Digital Paintings





Alexandra Flaisher Clay
John Flynn Blow Out All the Candles
Randal Gentry Fishing
Karl Harshbarger Professor Drew
Richard Holinger The Heads
David Salner A West Virginia Walk-Up
Peter Sipe Incoming and Outgoing




Special feature:

Missouri's First Poet Laureate,

Walter Bargen

Beauty's Sirens

Columbus Day

Mark Belair The Word
Rachel Squires Bloom Rochester Speaks


Robert Elzy Cogswell Yam
Richard Dinges, Jr. Bar and Grill

Blind Dog

Jeannine Dobbs Lumberjack
Terry Godbey A Thousand Fireflies


Grace Marie Grafton Don't Explain
Lorene Hamilton Lucky Girl
Maria Rachel Hooley Elderly Children
Joan Payne Kincaid How Damned Heroic is the French Horn?
David Lawrence Beautiful Flirtation
Joanne Lowery Waiting for Squanto
Robert Manaster About This Designated Hitter Rule
Deborah Maxey Plenty
Lisa McBride Napoleon & Josephine: Domesticated Raccoons

The Night Shift

Sudie Nostrand (untitled)
Karen R. Porter Something in the Water
Lee Rossi Crab Grass
Terry Savoie

Showing Students the 50s Film Strip Radical Reformers of the 19th Century for the Last Time Before Retirement

Sarah J. Sloat Toaster
Skaidrite Stelzer Blue Woman
Jane Stuart Last Winter Moon
Jim Thomas Caring for Moths

First Light

Chevy of the Gods

Florence Weinberger A Perfect Movie for a Thursday Afternoon
Fredrick Zydek The Possibility of Carbon Molecules







Francine Marie Tolf Dissection




Joe Benevento

Three New Books From Our Poets: Or Why I Am Still a Poetry Editor

Hannah Langhoff Review of David Salner's John Henry’s Partner Speaks