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Gallery: Four Digital Paintings by Peter Schwartz 


Peter Schwartz is a painter, poet and writer.  He's also an associate art editor for Mad Hatters' Review.  His artwork can be seen all over the Internet but specifically at:  He's had hundreds of paintings, poems, and stories published both online and in print and is constantly submitting new work as if his very life depended on it.  His last exhibition was through Aesthetica Magazine and featured a projection of his digital painting 'Terminal 4' on a busy street in York, UK.  His most recent exhibition was at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in Chelsea (NYC) and went well enough for them to invite him back.

I paint to transcend everyday life. When I paint I am 100% engrossed in what I'm doing, so in a very real sense I inhabit a different dimension of reality. I like it better there.


Exhibition: Black Totem

These steps represent the four stages of human spiritual development. 

  1. Solitary base-level searching.

  2. Inspired thoughts of the metaphysical.

  3. Questioning, the seeking of a foundation.

  4. The accepting of the perpetuity of life.


Secret Industry


If thoughts Were Rockets


The Most Nervous Thing


The Conversation