Green Hills Literary Lantern

How Damned Heroic Is the French Horn?




They chose a toast in the closet

playing a Sextet erotically

laying, praying  say hey nonny to airy prayers on tape piano and winds speak truth or consequence re: kinky sting of torment…


part of their mouths like birds;

words fall apart on the page things you can’t decipher:

her life reflects a doll-like perception of tingling laps in the Quintet why am I thinking how tight my bra is as the violin and viola weave


back front up down warbling and wobbling high heels puff revealing velvet, tippling highballs all of them bow a mad metropolis… retro police and mobs howl wham pow! comic strip- yeah there are calls for a pesto dish and poetry;


alone and lost for words can be, frozen, unable to perform in airless box-unseen, unknown, unreal; he  acts-out this windy sound of winds thought of a little scherzo vanished roll-eyed sort of sci- fi.


Joan Payne Kincaid is a former opera/concert performer; she has been published in numerous journals, magazines and anthologies. She has several books published; Pudding House Publications recently brought out a collection of her poems covering 20 years of published work entitled “Greatest Hits.” Current work is in Santa Clara Review, South Central Review, Porcupine Magazine, The South Carolina Review, Georgetown Review, Modern Haiku, Yalobusha Review, Mother Earth Journal, Tule, Cairn, as well as Ruth Moon Kempher’s anthology from Kings Estate Press “Contrarywise”; A new book of poetry, with Wayne Hogan, is just off the press: Blue Eyes Wise and Dancing.