Green Hills Literary Lantern

Lucky Girl




For days she seeks lipstick the shade

of a rainbow trout’s magenta flanks,

eye shadow to recollect the scent of lilacs.

Busied by the silk of her own shadow,

moths move towards an inner flicker

that she makes when, soulful to her toes,

she kisses the translucent sky and sings

gingerly like a drunken bee. A nectarine

silence is all she can manage on crimson

afternoons. Oh, to be bare and ample! as

a bather in Renoir’s luminous brush strokes.

Fortune curves for her like a pear, like

a split plum on the fingertips of destiny



Lorene Hamilton was educated at the University of Idaho.  She currently lives in Haslett, Michigan.  Her poetry has appeared in The Wallace Stevens Journal and Tiger’s Eye.