Green Hills Literary Lantern
"Abandoned," taken near Plymouth, Michigan

©2007 by Rein Nomm

Rein Nomm is a fine art photographer whose work meanders freely between the disciplines of traditional photography and graphic art, reflecting his Northern European roots and the influences of a formal education in art history and philosophy.

Rein Nomm
Nomm de Photo
P.O. Box 700613
Plymouth, Michigan 48170

The Green Hills Literary Lantern, Volume 18, Copyright ©2007 by Truman State University

Green Hills Literary Lantern XVIII (2007)





Special Issue: A Festschrift for Dr. Jack Smith








Adam Brooke Davis Preface to volume xviii




Kevin P. Keating Aphrodisiac
Michael Onofrey Mailbox
William Eisner The Tenants
Ronald Frame The Birks
Sam Ruddick Charity Case
Jeff Janssens Hoosier Boys
Edmund de Chasca The Party
Karl Harshbarger Power Boy
Cam Terwilliger Field Hospital No. 1
Richard Jespers Men at Sea
Mark Fabiano An Arrangement of Blue and Green
Geoffrey Scott Davis Unusual Gifts




Ron Wallace The Memory
William Jolliff At Rest in My Father’s House
Nick Conrad Late Summer Walk
Keetje Kuipers Finally
Patrick Carrington This Night Too Is Round
Jim Daniels Rural Idyll TKO


Dara Barnat Ghosts
Lee Rossi When I Lost It
Gary Every Sedona Chapel
David Lawrence From Where I’m Talking

Hungarian Border 1970

A Bit of Bipolar Here

Noel Conneely After the Race
Melissa Apperson Of Roses

Grace Marie Grafton
Conjuring the Ghost
Geri Radacsi Clearings

The Difference Between Cranes and Cranes

Mark Belair Fog
Gabe Herron We Don’t Catch Any Fish, None At All
Nancy Cherry Yearly Trek to Bear Valley


Greg Moglia Sweet

Jeannine Dobbs
One More Morning
Sherrill Alesiak On the Way to Canyonlands

Joanne Lowery
The Death of Jewelry
Allison P. Brown Midwife
Claudia Burbank Speed of Light
Sean Johnston Blue
Robert Parham Down Home
Ed Higgins Tinker Bell
Vivian M. Axiotis Etymology
Ronald F. Smits The Last Atheist





Natasha Mancuso Dreaming Chernobyl









Joe Benevento Gaining From Loss: Intaglio by Ariana-Sophia M. Kartsonis
Kate Browne Behind Every Door by Terry Godbey