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The Last Atheist


My history professor at Rutgers proclaims

at an all-night teach-in,

“I welcome a Vietcong victory in Vietnam.”

Bumper stickers react: Rid Rutgers of Reds.

Years later, having found Jesus,

he speaks more of Christ than the Cong.

The latest on Jane Fonda

says she is Born Again.

If Jesus were born again,

Mary and Joseph would find

appropriate day care.

A soccer mom, Mary drives

her kid from field to fastfood.

Christ contemplates Columbine,

suffers with the communists

and the children of Palestine.


first published in Passages:Timeless Voyages of Spirit, 2006, edited by Carol S. Lawson and Robert F. Lawson, Chrysalis Books, Swedenborg Foundation Publishers, 320 North Church Street, West Chester, PA 19380


Ronald F. Smits is a professor of English at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and lives in Ford City, Pennsylvania. His poems have appeared in Poetry East, Poet Lore, The South Carolina Review, The Southern Review, Tar River Poetry, The Texas Observer, North American Review and many other journals and anthologies. .