Green Hills Literary Lantern

One More Morning




I want to wake up one more morning

in the iron bed with the springs that complain

lie still while the sky opens like a morning-glory

listen for the striking of a stick match

in the kitchen meaning there’ll be eggs

and maybe bacon and even biscuits

I want to hear the screen door clang as your dad

goes out to shake hands with the pump

followed by the old mare whinnying

and Duprey’s dogs yapping as they run in circles

banging together like traffic in the city . . .

just to wake up one more morning

not knowing how the rest of it turns out.


A collection of Jeannine Dobbs’ poems was published in Three Some Poems (Alice James Books). Her recent publications include poems in The Comstock Review, Margie, The Southern Poetry Review, and The Valparaiso Review.