Green Hills Literary Lantern

Pull of the Moon


The moon tugs us

with her evident presence,

not hidden mysteries.


The harvest moon—

accented by the silky Milky Way

and chirping crickets.

The haloed moon—

over a weeping willow

by a silver river.

The crescent moon—

with the evening star nearby

and sunset colors fading.


We appreciate the moon,

as art, as poem, naturally,

needing no footnote or guessing.




Li C. Tien, born in China and now living in Midland, Michigan, is a published amateur mathematician, the inventor of a sunlight-info dial, and a retired Ph.D. engineer. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The Mid-America Poetry Review, Mother Earth International Journal and Poet Lore. His translated poems, in collaboration with John Palen, have been or will be published in Blue Unicorn and Renditions. His father was a poet.