Green Hills Literary Lantern

Sunset in Early Spring


There it is again,

and I consider taking a photo,

something to file away,

a gaudy, permanent cliché.


No need: this spring bleed,

through still bare trees –

streaks of vermillion, veins of teal;

Hopkins’ crushed, ooze of oil


still moves me, sun,

sliding down, printing,

in some small fissure of my brain,

colors of an ordinary day’s end,


yet unlike any other,

like the picture my eyes

will take anyway, selecting

choice details to recollect:


a strange bird’s cry,

its shadow disappearing –

dark wings and razor tail –

into blood-red sky.




Philip Miller has poems recently or forthcoming in The Mid-American Poetry Review, The Pittsburgh Quarterly, The Ledge, Iota, Lyric and Rattapallax. Unholy Day Press recently published a book, Why We Love Our Cats and Dogs (co-authored with Patricia Lawson), and will publish his new book of poems, The Casablanca Fan, in the near future. He is a former contributor to GHLL and lives in Mt. Union, PA.