Green Hills Literary Lantern

Zombie Weather


I’m mowing an old section

of the cemetery

everything’s in grainy

black and white

just like zombie weather

so I watch my back

more than two or three

this baby’ll outrun ’em easy

if there’s just a couple

then I’ll run ’em over

raise the mower deck &

grind some undead hamburger

if they get me by the shed

I’ll hit ’em with a shovel

in the head & run like hell

I’m not spending half

a reel in jail

telling some fat cop

they were already dead

they’ll find out anyway

& I’ll be gone so fast

my name won’t even make the credits



Michael Kriesel, 44, does reviews for Small Press Review and Library Journal. He has poems published or forthcoming in Nimrod, Bitter Oleander, The Progressive and Rosebud, as well as several chapbooks, and is currently circulating his first full-length collection.