Green Hills Literary Lantern

Cover Photo:
©Brad Herzog, from Small World: A Microcosmic Journey

Brad Herzog is a writer living in Monterrey, California. His work includes travel narratives and children's books.


The Green Hills Literary Lantern, Volume 17, Copyright ©2006 by Truman State University

Green Hills Literary Lantern XVII (2006)




Adam Brooke Davis Preface to Volume XVII



William Eisner The Moral Anguish of Edwin Ross
Gary Fincke The Geography of Ridicule
Karl Harshbarger Dunk Man
Jennifer Hurley Follower's Bliss
Tamara Pavich Fourth Step
D.A. Roisler Come On-A My House
Anis Shivani Flagellation
Jason Sublette Laws of Motion
Grant Tracey Seven-Ten Split
James Wagner Tell Me, I'll Listen
Steven Wingate 3 a.m. Ambulance Driver




Elizabeth Adams I Let Myself Go
Lisa Alexander Baron To You
Edward Beatty Mobile Home
Mark Belair Fakers 
Reid Bush Bar Friends
Alan Catlin (Near) Death in the Afternoon on Becker Street
Joseph A. Chelius Kitchen Work (for Margaret)
Rafaella Del Bourgo
Pigeon Man
Mat Favre This Angle
Clifford Paul Fetters St. Philip of Neri
Brent Fisk To Ashes
Peggy Garrison Coney Island
Gordon Grilz Dream Canoe
Carol Hamilton Herons in San Miguel de Allende
Gregory Jerozal Serpent and Wheel
Arthur W. Knight Happiness
Michael Kriesel Zombie Weather
L.H. Landon The Real Names for Snow
Cheryl Latif winter's approach
  I would rather write about peace
Joanne Lowery Illusion
Caridad McCormick Analfabeta
Philip Miller Sunset in Early Spring
John Pleimann Falsetto
John Popielaski Biota
Lee Rossi In the Nursery of Priests
Jason Tandon Last Leaves
Michael A. Tempesta Saturday Morning, Your Memory
David E. Thomas Christmas Moon
Li C. Tien Pull of the Moon
Bill Ware Southern Comfort Zone
Charles Harper Webb Thanks to my New Aquarium Light
Nancy Wedemeyer Headed South
Wendy Wisner Another Place of Rocking
Shana Youngdahl Clara Wellington Places an Ad in the Western Papers




Joe Benevento Three More Books You Should Read