Green Hills Literary Lantern

Cover Painting:
"Resurgence," by Jack Rickard, 1998, mixed media collage on 300 pound watercolor paper, 22x30 inches.

Cover Design:
Pete Anger, Helios Studio, Columbia, MO


The Green Hills Literary Lantern, Volume 13, Copyright ©2002 by Truman State University

Green Hills Literary Lantern XIII (2003)

Cover Art



Evelyn Somers Vegetable Love
Darren DeFrain Bowser
DeWitt Henry Arias
Virgil Suarez Hilario, El Carretero del Barrio
  Arroyo Naranjo, Cuba, Circa 1969
Shelia Thorne Telling Lies
Doug Rennie The Lucky Ones
Karl Harshbarger The Six-Thirty to Cedar Rapids
Robert Garner McBrearty Transformations
Dennis Must Typewriter
Joan Connor The Betrayal
Heather Burt Burma
Barry Kitterman Mediators
Sean Padraic McCarthy Undertow
Shannon Spencer The Fat Man Rules
Franklin Wharam A Fish is Your Reward
J. Malcolm Garcia Evening Run
Mark SaFranko Alone






Diana Collins Thanksgiving
James Doygle Salome
Terry Godbey Beauty Lessons at 12
Fred Yannatuono Hands
Jim Thomas Dark Confetti
  Ant at Play
  Scotch and Snow
  Stan's Tree
Carol Coffee Reposa Cocoa Chewer in a Quito Museum
R.S. Carlson Eucalyptus Country Market
Elizabeth Levy Merrick Fireflies
Maureen Tolman Flannery Funeral Homes
Jean Esteve Go
Louis Phillips Is There Anybody Out There? The Universe Speaks a Language Few of Us Understand
Douglas H. Fritock My Grandfather's Cigar
Todd James Pierce Ode to Adam Ant
  The Third Act of Marriage
Francine Marie Tolf One Morning at Nineteen
  Still Waiting
Lynne Potts Orange Lamp
Rachel Squires Bloom Playing It Safe
  Victoria's Secret
David E. Thomas Rest Stop-Blythe
James Doyle Sunday
  Women Drying Their Hair
  The Dunes
James Galbraith The Divine and the Human
Deanne Bayer The Geography of Sand
  The History of Gulls
Walter Bargen The Unmistaken
Jimos Olih This Letter Is Not from Me
William Jolliff To Little of the Woe
Max Gutmann Training Wheels
Melissa Leaf Nelson Waiting for Rain
J.W. Major Waitress
King Farish West of Bucktown-Chicago
Chris Kingley What the Truth Can Do
Jackie Bartley Maintenance
C. Wallace Hornbacker Why We Are Together
Evelyn Funda PreSage
Suki Wessling Grocery Shopping
David Lawrence The Consequences of Life
  Maybe if I Took Them Off I'd Be Happier
Pat Cronin Used Books
Robyn Art Origami
Angela Kozol On Whitsunday
David Thompson Smoke, Drink, and Talk about Girls' Asses
Susan Terris River of Milky Light
Timothy Fox A Tough Return to Normalcy
Priscilla Atkins Reading Neruda's Odes While Eating a Pear
Eliot Khalil Wilson Customs
Michael Steffen "Romantic Websites Earn Money"
Eileen Doherty Wanting to Be a Rallenda
Jim Douglas Summer



Teresa Wax The Matter of the Colonel



Daniel Marlin A Review of Ralph Dranow's Sunday Ritual
Louise Domaratius A Review of Helen Sanford Wilhelm's Messages from a Distant Star