Green Hills Literary Lantern

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The Green Hills Literary Lantern, Volume 11, Copyright ©2000 by Truman State University

Green Hills Literary Lantern XI (2000)






Anjali Banerjee Satin and Lace
Dennis Vannatta 19 April 1883: A Bar at the Folies Berges
Joanne Azen Bloom Shoplifting
Karl Harshbarger The Geese Over the Addison
Robert Garner McBrearty The Professor's March
Margaret Hermes Tickets
J. Morris A Childhood





Simon Perchik *
Nicole Louise Reid Take Me Up
  Sewing Plainly
Todd Balazic If Only I Could Write a Truly Great Poem I'd Be a Vegetarian
  Dream of a Sled Dog
Feebe Greco When You're Riding in My Car
Theresa A. Darling A Frame About My Father
Francine Marie Tolf The Good Earth Cafe
Virgil Suarez In the Land of Earthquakes
Jack Rickard All Over This Land
B.Z. Niditch Then and Now
  April 1999: Belgrade
  Peace March, 1999
William Joliff The Farm at Night
Larry D. Thomas Tumescence
Parker Towle Mercy
David Wyman Coyote Weather
David Catron Mnemosyne Nags the Muses
Zykandar A. Jaimot Sylvia So Near Valentines Day, Feb. 11, 1963
  Salivar's Bar, Montauk, Long Island
Michael Tritto Storm Watch
Laurie Kuntz Metastasis
Kori Rodley Irons Sunburn Dream (Four Bears & a Headache)
Kathleen Hellen Against Metal
Ryan G. Van Cleeve Law of the Jungle
  Manatees, First Encounter
R. Nikolas Macioci The Miraculous Morning Car Ride of 1958
  Magpie Show
Jennifer Marcus Border Crossing
Tracey S. Rosenberg Kissing an Etymologist
Walter Bargen Harmony's Smaller Half
Miles Garett Watson Coaching my Father on his Temporarily Moving into my Old Bedroom
Clifford Paul Fetters Ms. Scuba
Earl Maxwell Coleman Season's End
Mary Winters My Energy Failing
Ken Waldman Her Depression
Anne Wilson Double-Exposure
Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb Oraibi
  Child at the Window
  Questions I've Yet to Ask My Father, a Fireman
Fredrick Zydek Grandmother's English Roses
Marilyn Shelton God's Falling Light
  What Are You Waiting For, Green Table?
Trish Lapidus Harm
Mercedes Lawry Damp
Ronald F. Smits South of Bloomington
James Doyle Pompeii
  The Last Rites
Jean Esteve Greeting Card: "To a Dear Friend"
Jim Thomas A Hut in Guadalupe
  Darker Eyes of Antigua
  Gringo Dream
  Brief Tracks
David Wright Holding the Ends of Summer
Aimee Nezhukumatahil Cocoa Beach, Off-Season
Roger Pfingston Fallen Apples
Barbara Daniels Conjugations
Erica Pederson Behaving Normally at Breakfast
Donna Munro Hard Times
David E. Thomas Still Life With Dolson
Anselm Brocki Playing Safe