Green Hills Literary Lantern


GHLL XXXI (2020)


Ray Jagger


cover art copyright © Ray Jagger




Preface to Volume XXXI Adam Brooke Davis


Lee Rossi No, Not That!
Dmitry Blizniuk untitled
(transl from Sergey Gerasimov)
Jason Boling Pavarotti
Keith Welch Ode to a Magic 8-Ball
Tim Suermondt The World is Celebrating
Will Walker Some Things I Like About Doors
Jim Daniels Dog Day Heat
Mark Belair March
Frederick Pollack The Show
Fred Yannantuono Memorial Day
Elaine Dillof The Block
Lee Slonimsky Walk
Richard Dinges Deer Bones
Sam Cherubin Pinocchio's Veneer
Mary Ann Dimand Gift
Matt Zambito Honeybees
Marc Tretin The Cracked Vase
Gary Lechliter There's Got to be a Night Before
Having it Out with Winter
To Be Used
Cathy Porter How to Re-Write Grief
B.P. Greenbaum I Would Like the Last Thing I Write
Benjamin Nash Glue
Bus Driver
Shreya Vikram Waking Song
Benjamin Harnett A Good Job
James Croal Jackson With Your Bad Back You Should Not Lift
Johanna Caton, O.S.B. Made Flesh
Caroline Maun Manasota Key
To the Mice
Lisa Low In the Gallery of the Madonnas
Valerie Griggs An Offer
Beth Bayley Ode to Luck




Shreya Vikram Unseen
Jennifer Wang Demon King
Robert Kinerk The Winnebago Song
Alan Gartenhaus Lady
Doug Ramspeck Bottomlands
Karl Harshbarger Pokey
Fumiki Takahashi Shining White
(transl Toshiya Kamei)
Gary Fincke Delightful Conversation
S.W. Gordon Primum Non Nocere
Katherine Haro What You See is What You Get
Todd Easton Mills The Listening Room
Jean E. Verthein Home Chase
Lawrence F. Farrar Maybe Just Once
Timothy Reilly The Part that Never Dies


Susan Knox Invasions
Tom Burnham Murder at the Cathedral
Christine Holmstrom Let's Get It On
Stephanie Kaplan Cohen Integration: A Memoir
Thomas J. Rice White Mares at the Summer Solstice
Eleanor Windman The Sexy New Boyfriend
Anthony J. Mohr My Father and Me Too
Turner Blake The American Professor


Joe Benevento Review: Lee Slonimsky's Tibbets Brook Park, 1953
Jack Smith Review of Dennis Must: Brother Carnival
Kimberly Ramos Review: Mark Belair's Running Late